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Gopo - The Gourmet Popcorn Bar

  • 525 Court St
  • 8:00am – 4:00pm
  1. Food
  2. Hot Drinks
  3. Cold Drinks

Hot Drinks

Hot Coffee

Drip Coffee
Freshly ground, under filtered water, and not watered down.
espresso + steamed milk with little to no foam
Flavored Latte
espresso + steamed milk with little to no foam
Non-Dairy Latte
espresso + steamed oat milk (or other choice) with little to no foam
espresso + hot water, comes with 3 ounces of espresso
espresso + equal parts of milk and foam
A layered latte - steamed milk and vanilla, with espresso poured on top.
Chocolate syrup, espresso and steamed milk create this chocolatey coffee drink! Topped with whipped cream
White Mocha
White chocolate syrup + espresso + steamed milk + whipped cream = YUM.
GOJO Drink of the Week
Our featured drink - only available for one week! This week's GOJO (5/09-5/015): Strawberry Cheesecake (can be made hot as well if you'd prefer)

Hot Non-Coffee

Hot Tea
Hot Chocolate
steamed milk + chocolate
Chai Latte
Chai spiced tea + steamed milk
Matcha Latte
Sweetened matcha and milk - a wonderful combination. Has lots of antioxidants!
London Fog
Earl grey tea is freshly steeped and mixed with vanilla and steamed milk...a delicious drink!

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