Drink Happy Thoughts

  • 942 W Montrose Ave
  • 8:00am – 4:00pm
  1. Hot Drinks
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Hot Drinks

Hot Signature Drinks

Cardi's Mom, Rose
If you got a bag, fixed your teeth, pay your mama's bills and ain't got no time to chill then this sweet and floral latte with cardamom and rose syrup
Garden In Your Mouth
matcha mixed with our house rosemary and lavender syrups
Bee Sting
Chilli Infused Honey + Sweet Honey + 2 shots of Espresso, choice of milk, sprinkled with cinnamon powder.
Lavender London
London Fog Tea Latte + Lavender & Choice of milk.
The Birds and the Bees
This latte features Happy Monday's Balloon Ride Espresso Roast + Lavender & Clover Honey poured over your choice of Milk. We recommend Oat milk for a smooth finish
Figgy Stardust
White Chocolate, Fig Vanilla Black Pepper Syrup, Double shot of Espresso + Choice of Milk
I'd Date Myself
So I'd Date myself! Date Syrup & Maple syrup, a dash of DHT's holiday spice, double shot of espresso + choice of milk.
Salted Caramel Latte
A classic salted caramel latte. Great for indulgent days!

Hot Non-Coffee

Hot Tea
your choice of tea brewed in hot water
London Fog
Earl Gray Tea + Lavender + Choice of Milk
Chocolate Wasted
Hot Coco — Add Whipped Cream if you are feeling adventurous!

Hot Coffee

Red Eye
Drip Coffee + a 2oz Espresso Shot!
Two shots of our signature espresso perfectly combined with two ounces of frothed milk.
Cafe Au Lait
half house brewed drip + half steamed milk
Our dark, rich espresso lies in wait under a smoothed and stretched layer of thick milk foam. An alchemy of barista artistry and craft.
straight espresso
Drip Coffee
Small batch brewed coffee. Freshly roasted by our sister company happy monday coffee roasters.
Espresso shots topped with hot water creating a light layer of crema culminating in this wonderfully rich cup with depth and nuance.
Our signature balloon ride espresso topped with frothy milk.

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