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A Special Blend

  • 3900 W Market St
  • 10:00am – 3:30pm
  1. Hot Drinks
  2. Cold Drinks
  3. Food

Hot Drinks

Hot Coffee

espresso + steamed milk
straight espresso
Drip Coffee (Dark Roast)
house brewed coffee
Drip Coffee Medium
house brewed coffee
Drip Coffee (Breakfast Blend)
house brewed coffee
espresso + hot water
Dirty Chai
chai with espresso
espresso + equal parts of milk and foam
White Chocolate Mocha
espresso + white chocolate + steamed milk
espresso + chocolate + steamed milk
Caramel Macchiato
espresso + steamed milk + vanilla + caramel drizzle

Hot Non-Coffee

Hot Tea
Hot Chocolate
steamed milk + chocolate

Specialty Drink Menu

Piedmont Pie Latte
Pumpkin Pie sauce topped with whipped cream and cinnamon
Chai Latte
chai + steamed milk
Skenny Singer Latte
Skim milk with sugar free vanilla and hazelnut
Lindley Park's Lumberjack Latte
Maple and cinnamon
Appalachian Mocha
White mocha and peppermint steamed together making an incredibly delicious winter drink
Scott's Campfire Mocha
Toasted marshmallow latte topped with mocha sauce and marshmallows
Bog Garden Cappuccino
Butter Pecan
Summerfield Latte
Honey and Lavender
The Cardinal
Raspberry White Mocha
220 South Bound
Coconut, caramel and almond latte
Boro Burn
Spicy Mocha

A Special Blend - Menu