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Cloud City Coffee

  • 8801 Roosevelt Way NE
  • 7:00am – 4:45pm
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Hot Drinks

Specialty Drinks

Maple Leaf Latte
Espresso, House made maple simple syrup and steamed milk
Horchata Latte (made with oat milk)
Our take on a classic flavor with espresso, steamed oat milk and a cinnamon spiced syrup.
Royal Fog
Earl Grey tea and milk sweetened with our new Rose Vanilla syrup. A floral forward take on this classic from our neighbors to the north. -also available iced-
Black Sesame Latte
Black sesame powder, espresso, milk, and a touch of vanilla. Warm, rich, and velvety! This drink is not available iced.
Chaga Latte
Mountains’ out espresso, steamed milk and a blend of chaga mushroom powder with cocoa, and cinnamon. (Naturally sweetened with monkfruit
Golden Milk
Turmeric, ginger, and warming spices, steamed together in Oat milk


Brewed Coffee
Brewed coffee
Cafe Au Lait
Half brewed coffee, half steamed milk.
2 shots of espresso and hot water
2 shots of espresso
espresso with a small amount of whole milk foam
2 shots of espresso with equal parts steamed milk (4 oz. drink)
Mountain's Out espresso with foamy milk
2 shots of espresso with steamed milk
2 shots of espresso with organic cocoa and steamed milk
White Chocolate Mocha
2 shots of espresso with white chocolate and steamed milk
Mexican Mocha
2 shots of espresso with Ibarra chocolate and steamed milk

Non-Coffee Beverages

Matcha Latte*
Matcha with steamed milk
House-made chai with steamed milk
London Fog
Earl Grey tea, vanilla, and steamed milk
Hot Tea
Loose leaf tea steeped in hot water
Steamed milk
Hot Chocolate
Organic cocoa with steamed milk

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